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Le Cygne Noir

Last Day Of My Life CD EP

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Release Date: 20/03/2020

Discs: 1

Having unleashed zombie apocalypse with his debut album, Shadow Of A Wrecking Ball, Le Cygne Noir is back with four personal yet idiosyncratically eclectic tracks from his new EP: Last Day of my Life. Featuring guitar from Mark Gemini Thwaite (Gary Numan, Peter Murphy, The Wonderstuff) and the return of world class session player Neil Taylor - the stellar line up is completed by Cal Campbell (Beck) on drums, Craig Adams ( The Mission ) on Bass and Guy Townly on guitars

Lead track; Last Day of my Life, begins as a classic ballad before morphing into a classic rock track: existentialism on the dance floor, no less. Featuring Le Cygne Noir’s most autobiographical lyrics to date, the song is a harmonically transcendent dark night of the soul. Deadly Night Shade, a baroque pop mini-masterpiece, incorporates an unexpected middle eight funk section alongside Le Cygne Noir’s signature melodic 80s’ guitars. Red Light, a pulverising ride in the fast lane, a propulsive trip headlong into oblivion and to complete the EP, Skylights, a previously unreleased demo track, which is not available digitally.

Written over the course of a single week, these 4 tracks see Le Cygne Noir at once his must introspective and experimental, expanding on the 1980s’ phantasmagoria of his debut album with vivid new textures and a confessional lyricism sure to both intrigue and delight.

Last Day of My Life is available digitally from Cherry Red Records

1. Last Day Of My Life
2. Deadly Nightshade
3. Red Light
4. Skylights (demo)